Monday, November 10, 2003

Forgive and Move On

When you experience betrayal, attack, being offended or deceived, forgive and move on as easily and quickly as possible.
To hold judgments, resentment and fear is to hold yourself hostage to the past.
The faster and more easily one can forgive and release the past, the more free one is to fully live in the present.

Every entanglement with the past takes energy.
Every judgment of the past drains energy,
Every ghost from the past is a distraction.
Every analysis of past events holds attention away from the fulfillment of now.
Past mistakes and shortcomings keep us in the same habit of mind that caused them.
(The past may be yesterday or the last hour!)

Where there is unforgiveness, there is unconsciousness.
Where there is unforgiveness, there is dis-ease.
Where there is unforgiveness, there is grief.
Where there is unforgiveness, there is vulnerability.

To forgive is to heal oneself.
To forgive is to open the flow of energy.
To forgive is to gain a new perspective.
To forgive is to set oneself free.
To forgive is a new beginning.
To forgive is to release negative attachment.
Forgiveness is a gift to One Self.
To err is human. To forgive is Divine.

Forgive and move on,
Betty Lue