Friday, November 28, 2003

Feeling Safe

I am reminded how being safe and feeling safe may be two different things.
Are you safe in your home?
Are you safe in you car?
Are you safe with you Mom?
Are you safe on the streets?
Are you safe with your friends?
Are you safe in your dreams?
Are you safe in your body?
Are you safe in your mind?

What creates feeling safe?
Locked doors, having a gun, living in a locked community, having lots of police…?
Having faith, living a good life, having a positive attitude, knowing you are strong?
Is safety a product of circumstances, facts or faith?
Is safety a function of attitude, karma or coincidence?

If we believe nowhere are we safe, so it will feel.
If we believe we are safe everywhere, so it will seem.

“In my defenselessness, my safety lies.” (from A Course in Miracles) may mean that where we are worried, fearful, protective and defensive,we conjure up images of lack of safety in our mind and then are more likely to experience them in our experience.
Where we know, believe, and perceive safety, there we are likely to experience, “All is well”, no matter what the appearances.

When we know we are safe, we act, think, drive and live in ways that encourage safe conduct in ourselves and others. Where we believe we are safe with God, safe with faith, safe within our consciousness, we live in a manner which attracts others who are choosing the same and are willing to co-create a safe world. Safety is a product of our mind.
Loving, gentle and kind thoughts beget loving, kind and gentle emotions, behaviors and experiences.

You are safe in Love,
Betty Lue