Tuesday, November 11, 2003

End of Illusion (11:11 Portal)

What is the End of Time?
When we are complete within the concept of linear time and dimensional space, we will live in no time and no distance.
All will be present right now. For the usual way of thinking, this seems a fantasy, science fiction at its best.
Imagine that what we have created here is a learning laboratory in which everything is drawn out on a visual screen, so that we can over time assess our choices and where they lead.
Imagine that we are using this paradigm as an opening to the unlimited possibility of creation.
Imagine that as we grow into full responsibility for our creations, we can assert our choice for a purity of Love and Goodness so complete all darkness and Lack of Love will disappear.

Some say how boring.
Others relate that they prefer the drama and intensity of duality.
Others comment, “Why would we have a need or desire to be or do or create anything?”
Indeed, the tension of intention generates possibility and movement.
So in the absence of something we say we want, no need to move to make it happen.

The end of time will be when we have all “gotten” what we are here for...
to remember the limitless possibility of our consciousness and the unconditionality of our love.

Yes, what we seek already is.
We are exploring and remembering what will never cease to be.
Loving, listening and learning endlessly ( for the pure joy of Loving),
Betty Lue