Saturday, November 22, 2003

Clearing Habits and Addictions

What are your habits and addictions?
Worry, judging, talking on the phone, TV, reading, eating, cleaning, staying busy, isolating yourself, using stimulants or depressants, (marijuana, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, diet pills), exercise, sex, sweets or ??
All of us have habits which are either beneficial, destructive or distracting.
It is our choice about what habits to hold in place and which ones to clear.
Know that habits and addictions are learned.
They often handle, distract, numb or cover up inner hurt, anger or fear.
They are often used to assist the busy person to relax or the lazy person to accomplish something.
They may help the shy person become more social or cover the pain and fear of being alone, bored and isolated.
Habits and addictions are a coping mechanism to deal with the changes in life in an unconscious way.

If you are called to release a destructive or distracting habit or addiction, some helpful hints are:
Be aware of what your habits and addictions are.
Acknowledge or confess them to someone who will release them with you or write in a journal.
Forgive, release and let go of your limiting behaviors and beliefs.
Listen inside for how you can best support yourself in living on purpose with impeccable self care.
Affirm and state positively your new choices and commitments. 20 times daily written and spoken.
Accept the positive changes as they come into being.
Appreciate your willingness to do what is truly best for you.
Replace the limiting habits with ones that are positive.
Be gentle and forgiving of your clearing process.
Guilt tends to cause repeating the unwanted behavior.
Ask for help and support.
Honor yourself and your life journey.
Know you are helping to heal the limiting patterns of your family of origin.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
No shame. No blame. No guilt.
Simply claim your Highest Good.
Forgive and Choose Again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue