Saturday, October 18, 2003

Power From Within or Without?

Most worldly power comes from egoic effort, achieving fame or fortune, physical prowess or intellectual achievement. The personality seeks to gain its power or diminish its power through associations, acquisition or acclimation to empowering or disempowering circumstances. Egoic power fluctuates according to our place and situation in life. Egos or personalities, our learned ways of being, usually believe about themselves what was taught, demonstrated and exemplified by those instrumental in our rearing and nurturing. If we were seen to be smart, capable and able to achieve, we usually believe the same about ourselves. If we were treated like we were insufficient, inadequate and in error, we usually grow to believe and behave in ways which support that projection.

Egoic power is temporary and based on belief. Essential empowerment comes from Source, from our Essence. True power is not of ourselves nor our accomplishments. True or Essential Power comes through us as an expression of us. Our real work is to let go of all the blocks we have believed which interfere with the natural flow of what is powerful and Loving.

Keys to live in a natural state of empowerment:
Connect with Source, the Goodness within You. Stay connected by maintaining a consistent pattern of remembering through prayer, meditation, nature, etc.
Take impeccable care of your Self.
This may mean that you care for your body, mind, emotions, finances or relationships with care and consciousness. Clear whatever you see is distracting you by handling it with impeccability.
Flow with what comes your way.
Let nothing distract, detour, delay, drain or cause dams. No condemnation of yourself or others. Stay in a state of release and constant forgiveness.
Align with the Highest Good for All.
Make choices and decisions always based on an outcome where no one loses. Give your life to what is honest and fair, beneficial to all.

True power comes from living your life in the Highest and Best way you know.
Let go and trust enough to allow you inner essence to shine through you.

Trusting in your Essential Power,
Betty Lue