Sunday, October 26, 2003

Letting Go is Letting In Good

For many, letting go and moving on is merely getting away from what we don’t like. We then take it with us in our fears it may happen again. Letting go and transformation is really about forgiving and releasing the fears and tears of the past to begin again with a fresh vision, a renewed inspiration, a deepening faith and a real commitment to the Highest Good for All. Right now I am choosing change, which I acknowledge stirs the pot of insecurity, judgment and history of abandonment for some. My choice to change for the Good, following my inner direction, can be inspiring or terrifying, clarifying or confusing for others. When I am guided, I act quickly and with trust in the Highest Good for all concerned. 

What I know is that I cannot and do not leave anyone. I am forever a part of everyone. When there is a move, a change of course, a transformative process, the Essential Me is always and forever Present with You and All That Is. Life is not about where we live or work, nor about our bodies or personalities. Life is about the journey of the Soul. Wherever we go, there we are. Those we have loved, we shall always Love. The blessings we have given and received are forever complete. The rest is merely grist for our refinement, the learning laboratory of our conscious choice. Each one of us follows the path of our highest dreams or our greatest fears, depending on what direction we face. We each have a sacred calling which can be heard and supported or feared and denied. The words we use, the choices we make and the vision we hold in our minds all shape the outcome. I trust that when I am called to move, I am supporting the Highest Good for all. If I and my partners are going in two different directions, we go no where. If I and my coworkers are functioning with differing philosophies, we are holding one another back by dividing our energies. If I am going in many different directions, I am confusing my self and splitting my energies. I know the more focused, committed and faith-filled I am, the more fun, safe and easy the outcome. Life is a wonderful adventure. To fully enjoy it, I must fully be present where I am with open mindedness and full appreciation. 
Choosing my direction and focus consciously, Betty Lue

PS I am moving my home close to my offices in Walnut Creek around Dec. 10 . We will be very close to Robert’s Mother and closer to the airport for travel. I am moving my offices to more light, expansiveness and freedom in Suite #1000 at same address 140 Mayhew Way in Pleasant Hill on December 1. Robert has moved my communication on email to a new Eudora system which has an expanded capacity and support for my ever-growing Loving Reminders list. My permanent email address is: bettylue

Always with you wherever I appear to be,
Betty Lue