Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Is Trusting in Love Safe?

All seek to love and be loved. However, human beings have learned that love is not safe. From early experiences in a body, humanity has come to experience that love is conditional, depending on the current state of the personality. When we expose our whole self to someone who “loves” us, we seek for acceptance, receptivity, compassion and kindness. However when we receive judgment, fear, rejection, abandonment, anger and threat, we learn that trusting in Love is not safe. When we offer our love to someone, but withhold that love when their behavior is not to our liking, we teach them that trusting in Love and trusting in us is unsafe.

To receive what we want, we must give what we want to receive. To live in a world where we truly Love, we must learn to love truly. Love is risky. Love takes courage and conviction. Love requires us to reach out and teach what we want our world to learn one person at a time. Love asks of us that we commit to learn the lessons of Love. To love all is to know God. To love all without ceasing is to trust true love is endless and eternal.

Loving those who fear love requires respect and sensitivity to their fear. Loving those who are needy and cling to love requires us to teach them to love themselves. Loving those who reject or desecrate our love requires an inner reverence for loving no matter what. Loving fully requires that we love ourselves as much as we seek to love others. Loving ourselves fully requires that we recognize and release all lack of love both from ourselves to others and from others to us, as well as our lack of love within ourselves.

Loving is simple and natural, flowing and effortless, once we acknowledge and commit to clearing all blocks to love, all judgments and all fear. However, when we remain in the state of needing love before we can and will extend it, loving is as intermittent and variable as the personalities of those we seek to love us. When we remain in a state of defending against love, not being open and vulnerable, honest and true, real and authentic, we experience in others and in ourselves how unsafe, painful and difficult love can be.

Begin by loving you and loving me.
I am loving me and you unconditionally.
Choose to create positive experiences where you will be loved unconditionally. Develop an openness to experiment with loving. Honor the process as you see and forgive all limiting beliefs about love.

I am loving you with a heart that is True. In this I know God’s Love and I know my True Self. I can trust in the Power and the Presence of Love at all times and in all ways, as I let go of the conditions or obstacles I have placed on Love.

Loving You,
Betty Lue