Tuesday, October 21, 2003

How To Begin

In late December 1998 I was guided to begin putting my morning inner guidance on computer to share with all those who were called to receive.  They are my gift to you, just as they are a gift to me.  Early every morning since 1976 I have taken time to listen to the still small and loving voice within.  Some call this Voice Holy spirit, Higher Power, God, the Higher Self, our master teachers.  Some have called them conversations with God or notes from the Universe or the Voice Within. The name matters not to me, as I am willing to hear only the Highest Truth for the Good of all.  They are practical guidelines for everyday living and offer gentle reminders of how to stay in remembrance in a world of forgetting.  These are written in 10-15 minutes with a little time to spell check and put in form, but no other editing.

I know that everyone one of you can listen within as well as I to receive personal guidance and spiritual direction for your lives.  I invite you to make an appointment with Spirit daily at the same time and same place as one would set aside time for an honored guest. Sit an be still for 5-15 minutes, offering gratitude, a prayer of forgiveness, singing a song of joy or sharing your deepest concerns and questions on paper.  Then be still and listen to sensations, ideas, pictures in your mind and write down whatever seems to come to you.  With practice you will discover that your urges, intuitions, visions and even imaginings have some meaning and purpose.  Our work is to heighten our inner awareness and set aside our need to follow outer convention.

Even when I travel, I now share my Loving reminders at the web site lovingreminders.org.
If you wish to receive to receive only weekly, let me know and I will place you on my weekly list.  If you wish to receive one of my little books of Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders or Relationship Reminders to keep by your bedside or share with a friend , I will send them your way.  If you wish to no longer receive from me, I will respectfully remove your name from my list.  I trust that each one of us is called to follow the path that leads us to greater health, happiness and fulfillment.  I honor your path and mine.

I am loving you,  
Betty Lue