Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Fun, Safe and Easy Choices

When I am deciding which house to buy, I take a couple of hours to look at what is available in the time frame I have with the specs that fit our lifestyle. I make my choice in a few minutes (this time it was 10 minutes of looking and “feeling” the condo and seeing about 10 other choices. I deliberated with Robert and inner guidance for less that 15 minutes. And when done, it was done. With my new office space, it took less that five minutes to know.

The important decisions in life are not about where I live, but how I live. It is not important about how much money, but how much I trust what I need is provided. It is not so important about where I work, but how much Light I bring to the work I do.

The real choices I make everyday are:
How do I choose to relate to my world?
How am I living each moment?
How do I stay focused on what is present?
Am I willing to be happy and at peace?
How do I consistently remember Love?

When I forget, I move quickly through worldly stuff to get on to what “matters” to me. I may miss the opportunity to Love now.

I am loving you right now and every Now.
Betty Lue

“Enlightenment is living each moment as the only moment of Love.”