Saturday, October 11, 2003

From Healing Crisis into Holiness

From every healing crisis comes a call for healing, a call for holiness. Often in the midst of the dis-ease there is a choice point. Do I use what is before me as an excuse to shut down my life or do I use this as an opportunity to open up to my True Identity? When we are faced with any life challenge, our personal mountain to climb, we can stand at the bottom and wish we were at the top or we can start climbing.

Crisis is a dangerous opportunity when looked at the true meaning. And every dangerous opportunity has only one real danger and that is that we will quit on ourselves. Even in failure there is a call for success, the success of knowing we have given our best. When we look in the mirror at the end of the day, we can say, “I gave my all. I learned, I grew, I healed, I answered the call.”

A healing need is a need to forgive everything and everyone. A healing need is a call to love One’s whole Self. A healing need is learning to listen within and take heed of what is heard. A healing need is a call for impeccable Self care. A healing need is to took for the gift and the blessing. A healing need is to ask for and receive support. A healing need is to honor the journey rather than attach to the outcome. A healing need is to love ourselves as we are. A healing need is to be grateful for our lives with open-mindedness and full appreciation.

The crises in life are often an opening to unexplored territory, really looking at our relationship, our spirituality, our giving and receiving, our whole life balance. Our healing needs are really about honoring our own life and treating the life experience as sacred. Quick fixes are often temporary cures to give us respite from the pain and fear. The real healing is always claiming full responsibility for our journey without guilt or blame. The real healing is to be able to respond to ourselves and our lives with love, respect and kindness.

I recognize that temporary conditions of life are a gift to awaken, to enlighten, to inspire, to encourage, to support the journey, to remembering our True Identity and living and giving from our Holiness. All of life is a gift to realize the One We Are and the Love We share.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue