Monday, October 13, 2003

Discovering a New Paradigm

We are now experiencing a new land of opportunity. Just as Columbus discovered a new continent which was filled with both hope for the future and fear of the unknown, so humanity is now approaching a new way of being. We must first let go of the land, the ways of being we have known. We can see the dissolution of masculine dominated organizations and even the disabling of our male energies, so that the feminine might be strengthened within us. We see men being imprisoned, laid off from work, disabled, and quitting what no longer has heart and meaning.

The call of the times is for balance, the marriage of the masculine and the feminine. We are merging within ourselves, being and doing, feeling and thinking, judging and visioning. We are seeking within the healing of the separation, the unification of the assertive and the passive, the yin and the yang, the darkness and the light. This is the integration of heaven and earth.

Most of us are afraid to let go of what was without knowing what will be. Yet to experience growth and the realization of an ever-evolving Self, we must step forward into the unknown, erasing the mystery and miracles of what is to come. Only through letting go with gratitude and blessing of our history can we be fearless about the history we shall co-create together with compassion, understanding and love. Each one of us must embrace our internal androgeny, the union of male and female within.

The feminine is called to be kind and appreciative of the masculine. The feminine must create a safe place in which the masculine energy can relax and rest, soften, to open and receive the fruits of their labor without fear. The feminine can easily hold the space in which power, provision, and Presence are valued and honored as the gifts of Goodness which they are.
The feminine can also strengthen the masculine, active, light, confident, productive energy within. Both male and female are currently enlightening their own inner separation and creating a sacred union within. In the inner ReUnion there is the full realization of the unlimited Power and Peace that is our Essential Truth.

Bless all with your forgiveness and Love,
Betty Lue