Saturday, October 25, 2003

Deep Autumn Cleaning

Darkness calls us to seek the Light. 
Condemnation calls forth our Forgiveness.
Malingering calls us to promote Health.
Gossip invites us to communicate directly.
Bad feelings encourage expression of gratitude.
Blaming asks for being Response-able.
Self -Pity invites us to care for ourselves.

In this amazing time of deep cleansing of old festering wounds, we must respectfully clean our consciousness. To clean house we must acknowledge what has been lying hidden and covered. With kindness and blessing, acknowledge and release with relief. Remove the dead wood. Enlighten the dark corners. Clear the debris and litter of the past. Simplify, so that all, that is left of what was, is a blessing. 

In times of projection, where we castoff our outworn clothes of unconsciousness on those who are most forgiving and light-filled, take responsibility for all leftover fear and judgment. Take responsibility for the quality of all relationships by acknowledging that the past is recreated until we heal it. Freedom comes from forgiving all things and seeing the intrinsic essence within all beings and circumstances. 

I am willing to forgive myself where I have allowed others' fear, judgments and rejection to cause me pain. I need not take on the darkness of these changing times to heal them. I need only trust in Good and remember the Light within.

Loving the Light in You and Me,
Betty Lue