Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Challenging Times Invite Our Best!

They say, “ this is the best of times and the worst of times.”  
In truth this time is an invitation to clear out of our consciousness and our lives all the clutter and useless memories of the past as we allow ourselves to be renewed menttally, inspired emotionally,  energized physically and reminded spiritually of our REAL Purpose here.

We are here to wake up.
We are here to awaken.  
We are here to Love one another.  
We are here to celebrate Life.  
We are here to enjoy.  
We are here to create consciously.  
We are here to cease all fear and worry, judgment and criticism,  guilt and punishment,.  
We are here to free  ourselves to fully be ourselves, the powerful  creative loving Presence we are.  
We are here to present the Gift of Love and Light and Life to ourselves and to our global family.

It is time for true teamwork………
everyone working together.

To work together we must:
be conscious,
be responsible,
be respectful,
be honest,
be committed,
be gentle,
be joyful,
be  open,
be generous,
be patient,  
be faithful,
be trusting,
be grateful,
be willing,
be present.

Betty Lue