Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Trusting is Healing

As I listen to my inner guidance this glorious day, this is what I hear. I share it freely with you as a loving reminder and invite you to listen within You.

“You need do nothing except give of yourself to those who are called to you. Who is your guru? The guru lies within you. Do you need an externalization of what is true in everyone? Do you need to know with your senses that the face of God is the One you see when you look in the mirror of your life. Everywhere is a mirror. Everyone is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. You need judge nothing, when you recognize that all you see in all humanity is the gift of Love and the call for Love. Each One and every One represent the only One, the Holy Son of God. Humanity is often forgetting, sometimes ignoring, self-denying and neglectful, and even hurtful. It hurts to forget and neglect one’s whole and Holy Self. It causes guilt to recognize how separate One has become from our Loving Essence. The calling of all hearts is to Love and be Loved in return. Whether seeking sexual gratification, approval and appreciation, money remuneration and reward, power and prestige or fame and fortune, all seeking is for Love. All seeking is for the opportunity to trust and be free in our choice and self-expression.

“To be as a child” is to return to the innocence and naturalness of a child. “To be as a child” is enjoy a life of wonder, curiosity and play. “To be as a child” is to totally trust in the God of Love within all things “To be as a child” is to experience our lives as fun, safe and easy.

Fun = to fully enjoy.
Safe = no harm to anyone.
Easy = in harmony with all that is.

Trusting totally, as I am willing to “be as a child”,

Betty Lue