Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Transforming Fear Into Faith

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We go wherever we are called by Spirit.  
We trust in Divine Provision through you and all we do.  
We share the H8ighest Truth we know.  
We are free to give and receive, teach and learn, love and be loved in every relationship.  
This is our purpose. This is our function.  This is our Life.
In God we trust.  
Betty Lue and Robert

September 10, 2003 Loving Reminders

Transforming Fear Into Faith

“Scars into Stars”, “ Fear into Faith”, "Tragedy into Team-Building", "Tears into Healing".  Learning to use the experiences of life to heal ourselves and others is the positive and creative use of our mind.  We can sit in a pile of poop and stink forever, but only when we use the experience for fertilizer, can we find healing and inner peace.  

Often mass consciousness sinks into commiserating with one another, listening to ‘doom and gloom’ stories and affirming “how bad it is”.   The endless repetition of war stories may serve to remind us of the heroism of ourselves and others, but it does little to lift us out of fear and depression, negativity and defensiveness.  As long as we spend our time, energy and money on what has gone wrong in our past, we will continue to defend against the faceless evil, and perpetuate it, even in our own memory.  When we can forgive the past, use the experience for our wakeup call and become active in creating a more blessed future, we will use our time, talents and resources to create more good, more healing and more faith-building communities.  

All of us experience difficulty and challenge in our lives.  Some seems tragic and unfair.  Some seems senseless and wrong.  Whatever the circumstances, it is up to us how the experience is used.  I prefer to live in hope and faith, gratitude and love.  I prefer to be forward-moving rather than backward-fearing.  What I judge in my past, I will fear in my future.  What I forgive in my past, I can face in my future.  Looking forward to each day with hope and faith, yields highly creative, healthy, compassionate relationships and projects.  Looking fearfully on each day with depression and hopelessness yields apathy, negativity and the isolation of more judgment and fear.

Those who can forgive the mistakes of past are invited to create a new future. Those who judge the past and continue to resent the mistakes of themselves and other are doomed to repeat it ( if only in their memory and story-telling).

Turning pain into possibility, and mistakes into opportunities,
Betty Lue
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