Sunday, September 14, 2003

Healing Our Perception of Success

Everyone is successful in life. Everyone is experiencing we imagine for ourselves. Often subconsciously we have chosen a life of failure, illness, financial stress, relationship loss and even suffering. (Sometimes these choices are made before we are conscious. Sometimes they are made by our ancestors. Sometimes they are made by our guilt.) Whatever we expect is what we get. We help ourselves to a healthy dose of what we believe is our lot in life. There are many influences in what we believe, expect, fear, avoid, choose and commit to.
Sometimes we change our minds along the way and notice a change in external circumstances. When I take my mind off a problem, the problem abates or disappears, until I refocus on its existence.

We are all successful in the game of life, experiencing what we imagine will be our due. If we stop evaluating the right/wrong, good or bad, better or worse of our experience, we can let go and move on to another choice easily and quickly. Surprises come when we have ignored or failed to notice our split focus, the fears, the preponderance of self sabotage, the attention to potential error, defending against what might happen, even ignoring what we are focused on daily. What we experience is a product of all this and more. The simple man can see the results of his thinking simplistically. The more complicated our thoughts, the more the out-picturing is multi-faceted and difficult to understand.

Our judgment on our experience gets us stuck in more of the same. Our forgiveness of our judgments and seeing our life with non-judgment and gratitude, learning from everything, opens the way to change our minds, our choices and our experience. Life is merely an experimental laboratory in which we can play by trial and error at creating, manifesting, and appreciating, or victimizing, losing, and judging our experiments and their results. To judge and feel guilty provides limited feedback and repetition. To observe and learn provides unlimited feedback and freedom to choose again.

The process of living is always successful. Whether we experience success in life is solely determined by our willingness to learn and benefit from all things.

Learning from everything everyday, I am at choice.

Betty Lue