Monday, September 15, 2003

Friends Are Healing

When I travel to new places to share loving reminders, I make new friends. When there is the opportunity to give what I have, I am giving to myself and my new friends. When I allow myself to express the Highest Truth I know, I am reminding my self and my friends. When I teach what I am learning, I am teaching myself and my friends. Every new friend is an invitation to be a friend to myself. I enjoy making new friends and celebrate continuing the friendships I have made.

How often do we see others as separate from ourselves? How often to we look for differences? How often are we conditioned to begin with caution and then build trust over time. How much do we believe the world is an unsafe place in which we must be careful in how we express ourselves? How do we limit our relationships based on past experiences? How we judge the past and fear the future determines how easily we make and keep our friendships.

Every relationship is a lesson is a lesson in love. Every relationship is an opportunity to heal. Every relationship is a gift to be given and received. Every relationship is a choice to love and be loved or to fear and be feared. Every relationship is a miracle waiting to be noticed and appreciated. Every relationship is our relationship with some aspect of ourselves.

Give yourself to love and love will give to you.
Forgive the past and enjoy the present. The future will be a blessing. Give the best you have and you will experience the best in you. Be grateful for each opportunity to heal fear and separation, distrust and withheld love in you. Allow each new friendship, every relationship, to be the gift that it is. Be free to love. Trust in the healing. Live fully by giving freely of the Highest Truth you know. The world will be blessed by your Being.

Blessed by you as I share my blessings,
Betty Lue

PS My email relationships are powerful. I feel your love. I receive your trust. I am blessed by the community of love that gathers to receive and practice Loving Reminders. You are a gift to me.