Monday, September 22, 2003

Coming Home is Healing

After a wonderful eleven day odyssey we have returned home. Within an hour we are settled, unpacked, take a swim and settle down for a few minutes of quiet time before bed.  This is coming home for us.  Putting our things in order, getting ready for the next day, clearing away the day’s travels and relaxing in gratitude.  While it seems that this was special upon returning from a trip, it was exactly what we do when we settle into a hotel room, or a camp site or s out friends’ guest room.  We make ourselves “at home” wherever we are.  We clear away what has been with gratitude and make room for the next day.  We relax and get ready to rest in Love.

Everyday is an opportunity to come home.  
Every place is the opportunity to be at home.  
There is no place that cannot become “home.”

“Home is where the heart is.”  
Be in love as you experience gratitude and bless what is given to you in each moment.
You will be “at home”.

At home with You,  
Betty Lue

Robert will continue to put these daily Loving Reminders on our web site:  Am I will continue to send them to you on email as long as you wish.
When we travel our of town, they will be put on our web site.

I want to thank all of you along the way for your whole-hearted friendship, support, love, questions and enthusiasm.  You are a gift.  I receive your gifts with profound gratitude.

You are the wind beneath my wings.