Thursday, September 18, 2003

Collaboration is Healing

We are a the collaborative conference of Association of Global New Thought (my fourth year) and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This is the first year of coming together to co-create a better world. As the world undoes itself, there is a call to hospice the dying of what no longer works. At the same time, there is a call to mid-wife what is birthing itself in our consciousness. Within each one of us human beings, there is the same disintegration an disintegration at a higher level of wholeness.

Now is the time for all of us to join together with the flow of what is, to support the process, to forgive the past, to heal ourselves from within, to vision the future, to build respectful community and enjoy the journey. All of this and more is happening simultaneously. We are in the midst of evolutionary change, both within our own lives as well as within the global community.

Join with me in consciousness and the fullness of faith that we not only can do it, but that we are doing it right now with Love as our Teacher and our guide.

Bless you and me and the WE that We Are.

Betty Lue