Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Beginning the Day

How we begin our Day makes a difference in how we live and give, teach and learn, heal and be healed.  As I awaken at 3:15 AM, I look forward to what is to be.  I get out of bed with an expression of my love for life, for being, for giving, for trusting what is to be.  Some thoughts begin to flow about who I am to see or be with.  I am sending mental messages forth to those who will join with me.  I begin to shape the relationship we share.  As I brush my teeth, shower and put on makeup and dry my hair, I appreciate myself.  I often take a look to see how I am doing with my own self-care.  Am I fully present?  Am I happy?  Am I radiating light and beauty?  Am I wholly loving me, the most precious gift I have?   As I get ready for the day, I am asking what I am to learn, to remember, to share with you and those who read my words and come to be with me for counsel or coaching.  I am present with what Is.  I  am grateful for what is given.  I am thankful for all I have and give.  I am trusting about the day.  I am remembering what is highest and best.

Where I may have a question, a doubt, a concern or negative thought, I notice and forgive myself.  
I ask for healing, clarity and remembering the high Truth.  
I seek to use my mind to be happy and whole, rather than justify my negative or limited thinking.  
I reach up to find a vision and a voice that would serve what I seek…peace in me and peace in you.  
I nourish and nurture myself with Good, with wholeness, with gratitude.
I begin my day with a healthy spiritual breakfast.

How you begin makes a difference in the outcome.  Begin well.
Betty Lue