Tuesday, August 12, 2003

You Are Enough

Never good enough?
Always needing to do more,
Always needing to be more,
Always to have more?
There is a pervasive cultural belief that we are never enough. From our childhood we may have received the message, implied or overt, that our Being was not enough to satisfy, to please, to win approval, to be loved by those important in our lives.

When we look to people whose beliefs are limited, lacking and belittling, we learn from their thoughts, words and behavior that they are not and we are not enough. There is always more to do, more to prove, more to achieve, more to earn, more to win, more to get, more to enjoy, more to learn, more….more….more..

What would happen to our ambition and our perfecting, if we knew we are enough.
What would happen to our trying and our achieving, if we knew we have enough?
What would happen to our initiative and our creativity, if we knew we were safe and healed and loved?

You are enough.
You do enough.
You have enough.
Knowing this.........
Now what how do you want to play?
What do you really want to create?
How do you want to spend your day?

Loving you always,
Betty Lue