Monday, August 11, 2003

Written for You

Yes, this is written for you. These Loving Reminders are written for you personally, because your are deeply and profoundly loved. You matter to God and you matter to me. Every time your soul is touched, I am reaching out to you. Every time you learn something new, I am learning and teaching with you. Every time your heart opens, I am loving you. Every time you remember what is true for you, I am reminding you and me. So take each one personally.

I am part of you and you are part of me. We do not live in this world separately. Even though it appears we are not together, there is nothing we do that is done in secret and alone. We are all part of one beautiful bountiful relationship. We are like puppies in a nest suckling at the breast of God. We all have equal access to the full spiritual nourishment. We are each perfectly and abundantly loved.

As you erase resistance, fear and self judgment, you open to receive, As you let go of doubt, avoidance and separation, you open to believe. As you let go of resentment, blame and hurt, you are willing to truly know. God loves you and God loves me and together we will show this Love one for All and All for One. This is our Holy task, to release the blocks that separate and allow the doubts to pass. Believe in Love. Receive the Love. Conceive the Love and Achieve in Love. Love is the only Way. Give love to all and to yourself. Love is our Holy Play. I am love you, Always, True B’Lue