Thursday, August 28, 2003

What Keeps Us from Healing

What keeps us from healing is ignorance, arrogance, fear and attachment. These unconscious habits of mind prevent us from experiencing enlightenment and the healing of Inner Wisdom.

Some choose ignorance.
“What we don’t know cannot hurt us.”
The preference to stay ignorant is either thinking we know what is unhealed of accepting that we cannot know. We may accept the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of an authority without ever seeking more information. We may choose to not know or to ignore what is before us and within us. The mind that is full of mundane trivia cannot find room for the Divine wisdom. To choose the common and the ordinary perspective is ignorant.

Some may choose arrogance.
“ I know what I know and that is enough for me. If God wanted me to be healed, I would be healed. I already know everything there is to know, I need nothing more. I know I am lacking and limited This disease or problem is what I know and no one and nothing can change my mind.” These positions all reflect the arrogance of a fearful ego that has taken a position of “being right.” The mind that thinks it knows will not allow new information, knowledge or possibilities to enter in. It is the arrogance of the ego that keeps us separate from Divine healing.

Some may have fear.
We may be afraid of healing , for our lives will change. When we are healed, we recognize we are responsible for our healing. When we are healed, we recognize we are responsible to share healing with others. When are healed, we are aware that that opportunity was always present, although we may have been unaware. When we are healed, we discover that healing is more than physical. Healing is the relinquishment of attack, fear and judgment of the body, our finances, our relationships or any problem we may have. Healing is letting go of fear.

Some are attached.
We may find ourselves clinging to our stories of disease, woundedness, tragedy or crisis. Our story yields attention, help, care and sometimes the love we seek. Our problems may attract special people or circumstances which seem to take care of our longing for belonging, easy living and special love. When we find ourselves hanging onto an area of lack, littleness and limitation, we have found a security in what we know and believe is ours. We know how to handle what we have and so want to keep life the same. To let go and detach from our circumstances opens the door to the unknown, where we no longer have control, knowledge and assurance. Attachment is the source of all suffering.

Wherever we take a position and hold it, we cannot be healed. Healing and enlightenment are about not knowing and seeking to know. Healing is about finding peace and happiness within. Enlightenment is about allowing the Light, the Truth, to dawn on us. Only when we are at peace are we free to suspend all judgment. Only when we are at peace are we free to be wrong about our past beliefs and perceptions and to know the Higher Truth. Only when we are at peace are we free of fear and willing to let go or what we think we know.

Be at peace and know all is well.
Betty Lue