Friday, August 22, 2003

Taking Responsibility is Healing

Whatever comes our way is a product of our relationship with Self. We learn as we experience. We get stuck as we judge our experiences. To forgive our judgments of our experiences is to free ourselves to choose again. When we see all things as lessons to learn, we will open our minds to utilize the experiences in life as worthy of our attention. When we trust that everything works together for Good, we seek and see the Goodness in everything. When we believe that everything is in our own best interest, we open to the value of everything as we experience it.
(Sometimes the value is to stop valuing what we no longer want.)

When we judge, deny or ignore what is happening in our lives, we may experience a more intense follow-up version. If one wakeup call doesn’t get our attention, the next one will. When I judge, I reinforce or strengthen what I am judging. When I bless, I reinforce or strengthen what I bless. When I am simply aware and learn from my awareness, I can release and let go. What I learn depends on my choice. What I experience depends on how I choose to perceive what I see or feel or know. With a loving perception, I experience love and goodness. With a fearful perception, I experience more to fear.

Taking responsibility for my experiences offers me the opportunity to choose more love or more fear. Taking responsibility opens my mind to choose to learn or to resist. Taking responsibility facilitates my forgiveness of any tendency to feel guilty or to blame others for my experience. Taking responsibility gives me the choice of how to perceive, learn and experience whatever happens in life. It is my consciousness for which I am responsible.

I am willing to be responsible for my life.
I am willing to be responsible for my learning.
I am willing to be responsible for my health.
I am willing to be responsible for my finances.
I am willing to be responsible for my relationships.
I am willing to be responsible.

In this, I find freedom and peace, as I trust my inner Authority and inner Voice or Spiritual Guidance to direct me.

I am loving you, Betty Lue

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