Monday, August 04, 2003

Relationships on Purpose

There are no accidents in those relationships we attract into our lives. Especially when there are challenges or difficulties in relating, we must remember that there is valuable learning and healing potential in every relationship.

Challenging relationships offer lessons in patience, acceptance, forgiveness and trust.
They teach us how to be strong in our commitment to love no matter what.
Within them we can strengthen our willingness to love as God loves, without condition and never quitting on Love.

People with whom we have difficulty often represent a part of ourselves.
They may be ourselves as we used to be in the recent or distant past—hurting, sensitive, depressed, angry, fearful, unaware.
Or they may be parts of our personality that we judge and try not to admit.
With others and with ourselves we are healing our tendency to criticize, blame, fear, resist, ignore, withhold love and allow to upset us.
With ourselves and others we are learning to offer comfort, reassurance, loving reminders, a helping hand, forgiveness and unconditional Love.

All relationships are to help us heal our past and learn to remember to Love.

Extending Love to All,
Betty Lue