Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Non-Judgment is Healing

Not judging is helpful and healthy. Awareness with non- judgment is healing. Awareness with peace of mind is healing. Awareness with Love is healing.

When we find ourselves judging, as most of our egoic or worldly training teaches us to do, we can notice opinions, beliefs, prejudices, comparisons, and negativity emerge. Wherever we judge we effect our physiology, emotions and mental functioning. Unconsciously, we have taken on the job of judging to defend, protect, make decisions, influence others and be “right”. The judging mind comes to believe its research and opinion is more right than God. We train ourselves that we can make decisions alone. We become certain that we know better than anyone.

Judgment contracts physiology and thinking. Judgment withholds energy and love. Judgment puts up blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. Judgment blinds us to the call for love in others. Judgment weakens our courage and causes fear of being judged. Judgment shuts down flow of thinking and creativity, as well as body processes. Judgment takes energy rather than restores energy. Judgment weakens the immune system. Judgment limits possibilities and opportunities to see and be and have more. Judgment is the way in which we learn to protect ourselves from judgments, thus creating more evaluation and comparison. Judgment separates us from ourselves and from others. Judgment is the fastest way to hurt ourselves, mentally and emotionally. Thinking negative thoughts makes us unhappy, fearful, conflicted and tired. Judgments are arrogant in that we think we know what is right or best for others.

When you find yourself judging as is the learned function of the mind, breathe and let go. Say to yourself, “ My judgment means nothing.” Forgive yourself for judging. Have compassion for the part of you that learned to judge. Bless and be grateful for your awareness, as you easily and gently let go. Affirm: “I would rather be happy, than “right.” Look at the world from a bigger perspective to see you hold only one small piece of the whole picture. Tell yourself only God knows the whole Truth. “I choose peace instead of this.” Know you are judging because you are afraid. Choose Love rather than fear.

Judgments only have the power we give them. To make and hold a judgment limits our freedom and trust in ourselves, in others and in our lives. Judgment shuts down our capacity for Love. Fear binds us. Forgiveness sets us free.

Choosing awareness with non judgment and peace,
Betty Lue