Wednesday, August 13, 2003

My Primary Holy Relationship

I live what I am teaching..

Robert Waldon and I have been married and lives as spiritual partners for over 18 years.
Our focus is on loving unconditionally, serving from the heart and remembering God.
We live in healing, harmony and peace. This is our conscious choice. This is what we live.

Primary gifts of our relationship:
Willingness to heal all things.
Respect for one another and our life work.
Honoring our individual and joint purpose.
No arguments, anger or resentment.
Healing all guilt with forgiveness.
Treating ourselves with impeccable care.
Spending much silent time everyday.
Conscious quality time together in enjoyment.
Supporting one another’s life and livelihood.
Spiritualizing our relationship.
Giving All we Have to God.
Knowing All things work together for Good.

Practical reminders
Don’t criticize. Support one another.
Don’t be angry. Be forgiving of yourself.
Don’t complain. End each day in gratitude.
Don’t compete. Co-operate and co-create.
Don’t feel guilty. Forgive and choose again.
Don’t keep silent. Request help in healing.
Don’t stay separate. Take time to join in love.
Don’t forget to play. Take time to enjoy life.
Don’t assume. Be sure to communicate fully.
Don’t tale upsets personally. Listen with Love.
Remember Love and Return to Wholeness.