Thursday, August 21, 2003

Inner Quest

What are we to heal?
Heal what is not Real.
Heal what is wounded.
Heal what is not of God.
Heal what is not love.

What is our True Identity?
You are the Presence of Love.
You are the gift of God.
You are the Holy Ones
You are the Light of the World.

What is our Purpose here?
Through forgiveness here,
You bring Light to darkness.
You bring Love to fear.
You bring Hope to the discouraged.
You bring Faith to those who are lost.
You are the Holy Presence of Goodness on Earth.

What is the Vision we are to hold?
See with the eyes of Love.
Behold the Goodness within each One.
Realize the call for Love, as you teach only Love.
Give All what you would receive and more.
Appreciate the beauty and blessing in every moment.

How are we to fulfill our Holy Purpose?
Free yourself from the world you see and trust God.
Be open and willing for inner direction.
Forgive all obstacles to peace and Love.
Extend God’s Peace and Love to everyone.

Success is the realization of the Light You Are and fully sharing the Love of God.

May You Be Fulfilled,
Betty Lue

This week in Hawaii has been a small group Inner Quest Retreat focused on Quest for Healing, Self, Purpose, Vision and Fulfillment. This Reminder is a small piece of what we are sharing together.