Saturday, August 23, 2003

Healing Negativity

When we believe we are never good enough, we tend to see others and our world as never good enough. Our focus is on what is missing in us and in our lives.
We are constantly filling ourselves with apparently meaningful activities, goods, food, accomplishments and relationships to fill the believed lack within. Houses and closet full of stuff, resume’s listing endless achievements, address books full of both happy and unhappy relationships, and daily busyness are temporarily used to fill the inner void. However, no amount of acquisition will fill the void of learned self judgment and believed inadequacy.

Complaining is usually about what is missing. If there is no outer whining and negativity, there is a frown belying the inner critic. The usual origin is an early childhood, where parents were dissatisfied with their own lives and often with their children’s lives. A learned belief of inadequacy and self-criticism begets a life experience of comparison, envy and wishful thinking. If only I had … or were…or could do …, then I could be happy. Life is never good enough and there is hunger and need for more.
Silent symptoms are no satisfaction, little appreciation and always seeking for more to be content.

When we are in relationship with people who feel lacking, we may try to fill them up with compliments, reassurance, gifts and loving kindness. These are usually dismissed as being inadequate, false or merely ignored. The inner self has chosen a self portrait which it is unwilling to yield. The investment in a life of “poor me”, complaint and negativity is too ingrained to be released without the conscious awareness and full consent of the believer.

When we find this learned faulty thinking in ourselves, it is appropriate to accept responsibility for assuming that our parents were right in their beliefs and attitudes. It is appropriate to forgive the world and ourselves for believing in lack, unworthiness, and inadequacy. It is highest and best to affirm the perfection, the goodness and beauty in everyone including ourselves.

I forgive my negativity.
I forgive my belief in lack.
I forgive the false teachings in my childhood.
I forgive the limiting attitudes in my world.
I am open and willing to find a better way to live.
I am open to see my self with total love.
I affirm that I am Good.
I am whole and complete as I am.
I need prove nothing to my world.
I need do nothing to be whole.
I need have nothing more to be fulfilled.
As I release my faulty and limited thinking, I see myself as wholly adequate and worthy to be loved and successful in life.
I wholly appreciate my self and my Good life.

Heal negativity and inadequacy within,
Betty Lue

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