Saturday, August 09, 2003


Do you ever talk about your partner or spouse?
Do you talk about your children?
Do you talk about neighbors or friends?
Do you talk about celebrities?
This is gossiping.
Talking about others, rather than with others is gossip.

When people have nothing to share, they often speak about others’ business, romance, personalities, accomplishments, tragedies, and problems. It seems a harmless way to share conversation, almost trivia. Each thought we have and word we speak is a form of affirmation or agreement. Our words teach. Our thoughts and words have power. Our judgments are transmitted. Our criticism sends out our lack of forgiveness and Love. Our messages are received by ourselves, by the one with whom we are sharing and telepathically by the one we are gossiping about. If we are gossiping about someone, we will fear that others gossip about us. If we are sending negative messages and getting agreement, we are supporting the negatives we are sharing. Literally all thoughts and words and behavior teach. They have a powerful effect. Also gossiping will create separation, guilt, and fear between us and the one being talked about. Rather than heal, gossip wounds. Rather than bind, gossip divides.

To share about our relationships with others in a healing way, we must set the intention to heal, seek out a listener who is a healing presence, a spiritual counselor or therapist who honors the power of forgiveness, visualization and prayer. We must acknowledge that we cannot change or correct another, but can create an environment in which others feel safe to heal and learn and grow.

No more gossip please.
It is not helpful to you or to others.
And if you find you have nothing to talk about, simply be silent.