Sunday, August 10, 2003

Emotional Pain

Our emotional pain is not caused by another’s behavior or words, it is caused by our interpretation and reaction to the other. When we have the mistaken belief that others cause our pain, we believe and experience pain from words of unkindness, carelessness, forgetfulness, blame, fear and woundedness. When we hear another’s lack of Love, we interpret their problem as being our fault. We feels blamed and hurt, guilty and frightened of being rejected and abandoned. When we have learned in childhood that we are responsible for our parents unhappiness, we imagine the same to be true with other loved ones who are expressing or demonstrating their unhappiness. Our mind will interpret all expressions of lack of love with our being at fault.

The deeper healing is to forgive ourselves for not remembering to respond with love. Our healing is to forgive ourselves for being hurt or frightened. Our healing is to give our very Best self. Our healing is to listen unconditionally with peace and Love in our hearts. Our healing is to let the poison go and extend Love. Our healing is to be at peace. Our healing is to not make assumptions about what is needed. Our healing is to not take on another’s pain. Our healing is to let go and Love again.

When another is hurting and sharing angry or unloving words:
Fill your mind with forgiveness and Love.
Acknowledge your willingness to be present.
Extend the Love you are.
Trust the loved one to heal from within.
Give your faith and Confidence in Love.

Love never fails.
Betty Lue