Sunday, August 03, 2003


How do we learn to cooperate with others?

Only when fulfilled, are we be fully present.
Only when satisfied, do we deeply care.
Only when truly on purpose, do we really share.
Only when loving ourselves. do we know unconditional love for another.
Only when trusting our inner answers. do we trust another’s path.
Only when honoring Spirit within us, do we have real faith.
Only when living in integrity. do we stand in confidence.
Only when walking our talk, do we speak with conviction.
Only when following our dreams, do we inspire others.
Only when we live in harmony and peace, do we create peace with others.
Only when we know we are deeply and profoundly loved, are we be truly happy.
Only when we give ourselves permission to explore, do we feel totally free.
Only when we treat ourselves with the best care, are we be healthy on all levels.
Only when we are happy, healthy and free, do we teach others to be happy, healthy and free.
Only when we know we are a winner, do we treat others as winners, too.

Loving me is loving you.
Support yourself in loving you today.
Betty Lue