Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Being Present and Grateful

When we are not present and grateful for what is, when we are not clear and committed to a future of Goodness, we return to the past. When a horse is not contentedly grazing or is not directed toward a distant goal, it will often run back to the barn. We know the past and tend to return, no matter how painful or unrewarding, rather than set out for an unknown future.

Direct your mind to the Good that is your Divine right.
Direct your thoughts and actions toward your Highest vision.
Direct your words to affirm and promote what is Highest and Best for you.
Direct your attention to possibilities and opportunities and creative solutions.
Direct your resources to outcomes you desire rather than avoiding or defending against disasters and drama.

Setting inspired goals leads us to be possibility thinkers and committed doers.
Use your mind, your words and your body as tools for spirit.
Inspire yourself for living your Highest Potential. Set your course and then choose to move only in that direct.
If you find yourself being distracted, delayed and detoured by errant, thoughts, words or deeds, merely forgive your forgetfulness and choose again.

Seek first the Kingdom or God.
Seek first for what is Good and wholesome.
Seek first to move in the direction you seek.

Seeking the Highest for us all,

Life is For Giving....... You Are the Gift.
In giving yourself fully, you recognize the Gift You Are.