Monday, May 08, 2017

Rest In Love

I rest in Love and protect my rest by Loving!
Love is the way I walk in gratitude.
Gratitude is how I share the Love I AM.
I forgive quickly and easily All that is not Love.

Rest in Love

You can rest with Love.
You can rest in Love.
You can rest as Love.
Love created you as Love for the purpose of being Love.

Emotional Love comes and goes.
Spiritual Love is forever and ever.
Love has no end.
Only Love prevails.

Forgiving everything and everyone is Loving,
Forgiving all that is not Love is our healing work.
Forgiving yourself for forgetting brings peace.
Forgiveness clears the way to rest in peace and happiness.

We may think love will change.
This is the worldly love that is temporary.
We may judge and stop caring.
We may feel bad and stop sharing.

Real Love lasts through all time.
This Love does not end.
It endures all things, however you feel
This Love is true and Real and Eternal.

Remember Love and return to wholeness.
Realize the Love You are and rest in peace.
Recognize Love in All that Is.
Know Your authentic Self.

When we forget to Love, awaken with Love.
When we are lost in judgment, forgive yourself.
When we are caught in fear, remember to Love.
When we are upset or discouraged, choose again for Love.

Life is our teacher and our lessons.
The only mistake we every make is when we neglect to Love.
The only reason we forget to be loving is when we are afraid.
The only healing we need is forgiving our lack of Love.

We are here to remember Love.
We are here to teach Love.
WE are here to give Love.
We are here to be Love.

Love Is Who and Whose We Are.
Betty Lue

On Sabbatical. Taking care of me takes care of you.
Always available via email or #800-919-2392

I am loving us all.
It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.
Above all, let us simply remember to love.
Betty Lue