Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Clear Doubt and Fear

I know I am as Love created me.
In remembering Love, I am happy and I am free.
I forgive my forgetting.
I relinquish doubt and fear and listen within.

Doubt Is The Great Deceiver!

Doubt confuses the mind.
Doubt comes from fear of Success.
Doubt pretends to be wise.
Doubt interferes with Vision

Doubt pretends to be your friend.
Doubt tries to look strong.
Doubt shows you what you fear.
Doubt blocks the light of certainty.

Thinking fear gets in our way.
When we question ourselves, our perception is distorted.
When we doubt our inner knowing, we block the light.
When we believe in what appears to be, we relinquish our sanity.

What do we trust?
What do we know to be true?
Are we following the lost?
Why do we judge what we thought we knew?

There is time for us to find the truth.
We can heal our learned misperceptions.
What we think may not really be.
Perhaps it is time to search deeper for reality.

Take this moment to ask for answers from within.
Seek you Goodness that lives in you.
Follow the light which emanates from who you are.
See only your Healing Love and know your True Identity.

Seek and find the Real You
Who you are is meant to be.
In this place of Love and Holiness
will know your True Identity.

Life appears to take us away from the Truth.
We seem to lose ourselves in the distorted morrow.
When we are lost, we experience fear.
And with our Innocence, we truth in Love.

Take this day to ask and find.
Be willing to open the trusting mind.
Give up the doubt and see what is true.
We are safe in our remembering,

Loving me and loving you,
Betty Lue