Sunday, March 12, 2017


I am loving you and me always.
I trust all limitations teach us.
I enjoy life experiences when I remember to accept.
I choose to remember that life is a gift.

Limitations Or Lessons?

What do you do with physical limitations?
What do you do with financial limitations?
What do you do with time limitations?
What do you do with any limitation?

Accept what is.
Ask for help.
Find other ways.
Be kind, patient and learn.

Open up to the possibility to learn something Good.
Be willing to seek the blessings and gifts.
Ask for what you want to see and be.
Know that the journey is not meant to be alone.

Learning to accept requires faith in what can be.
Allowing what is, invites seeing things differently.
When experiencing what you fear, deny or avoid, learn.
When judging what seems to be, we actually make matters worse.
Physical life challenges our creative abilities.
Bodies and their eccentricities ask us to be patient and accepting.
When we seem limited, we can think with more trust and freedom.
When we wish we had another state of being, we can forgive and be grateful.

Forgive judgments, fear and blame.
Learn and be grateful for what you learn.
Open to healing with vision, patience and peace.
Have compassion for all limitations that the world offers.

Be aware that we are here together.
We are in this world to help one another.
We can learn from each other as we are willing to be helpful.
We can fully learn, help and support others when we remember to Love.

We learn from our freedom.
We learn from our limitations.
We learn from our needs.
We learn from receiving help.

All of life experiences are to learn..
May we learn together and love one another.
Loving you always,
Betty Lue