Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Cost of Giving is Receiving!

I give all Good and only Good.
I receive all Good and only Good.
I choose to release what is not for the Highest Good with blessings.
I release and letgGo.  I let Love lead my life.

When you give little, you receive little.
When you give complaints, you receive complaints.
When you give criticism, you hear criticism.
When you give negativity, you feel negative.

Life is an effective feedback loop.
You can count on what you give to offer a return on your investment.
The return may not always show up directly, but it will show up on your account.
The opportunities to learn, to invest, to contribute, to experience the accounting are endless.

The value of experimenting with life is learning immediately what works.
The opportunities to learn are endless when you pay attention.
The diversity of ways you explore give credibility to what is possible.
When you stay awake you can learn immediately what is effective.

Those who repeat the same mistake, do it so they learn.
Those who continue to hurt themselves are busy sleeping or judging.
When you awaken to the ways that hurt, you can forgive yourself and stop.
When you release all judgments and stay open-minded, you can choose again.

The blessing of giving and receiving, receiving and giving, is the option of making better choices.
When we are taught we get what we deserve, we judge ourselves.
When we are taught accidents happen, we try to avoid accidents.
When we are taught we have to be careful, we defend, separate, explain and justify.

Helpful hints:
Give only what you want to receive.
Give the words you want to hear.
Give the time you want to experience.
Give the support you want to have.
Give the love you want to receive.
Give the joy you want to know.
Give the money you want to earn.
Give the good you want to share.

When you give what you really want, you will receive a higher quality of feedback.
What you receive may not come directly person to person, because the universe is abundant.
When you receive what you don’t want, let it go with your blessings, always clearing your past.
Continue giving what you really want, you will know exactly what you are open to receive.

When you seem to receive what is not highest and best for you, forgive quickly and let it go.
When you receive what is not in your best interest, forgive your fear, judgment and considerations.
When you receive what feels unhealthy or dangerous, consider the source and return only blessings.
Never start a way by battling, distracting, arguing or hating, as these attract more of the same.

Keep your eyes wide open and learn to discern Love and the call for Love.
When you are loved, return the same.
When you feel the lack of love, see it as a call for love and return love and blessings.
When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Learn and let go.

Loving us all as we go.

Betty Lue