Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clean Up Your Act!

Being clean in thought, word and deed is my choice.
I forgive myself and make amends daily.
I know the life I want and I forgive everything that is not it.
I release all toxic, unhealthy and unhappy thoughts immediately.
I now clear my mind with constant forgiveness. 

This is the time for fall cleaning.
This is the time for letting go of the old ways.
This is the time for forgiveness and healing.
This is your time to clean house in your thoughts, words and behavior.

Begin today on a forgiving diet.
Begin to undo everything that no longer is true.
Begin right now to stop using profanity, hurting words and harmful behavior.
Stop it all!

Choose again for the best you know.
Choose right now to give what is Good.
Choose today and everyday to be helpful and kind.
Choose to step up and live the highest you are aware.

Just because others do it, doesn’t mean it is right or good.
Just because you don’t “feel” like it, doesn’t; mean it is safe or cool.
Just because they did something to you, doesn’t mean you should step down to their level.
Just because you see it on TV, in celebrities, politicians or parents, doesn’t mean it is Good.

Stop in the name of Love.
Stop and respect yourself.
Stop and behave in a mature way.
Stop and treat others the way you want to be treated.

We need to set the example.
We need to give our very best.
We need to stop hurting others.
We need to stop offending ourselves.

When you are at your best, you love yourself.
When you are at your worst, you demean yourself.
When you live in the highest way you know, you will be proud of yourself
When you do or say stupid and unkind things, you will feel ashamed of yourself.

Clean up your mind as you would clean you house!
1.    Clear out all clutter and toxic material.
2.    Enlighten your mind with positive, ideal and delightful thoughts.
3.    Fill your mind only with what you love and enjoy.

Think clean thoughts.
Speak clean words.
Do clean deeds.
You can make the change and your life will become everything you always wanted it to be.

Loving you endlessly,
Betty Lue
Children copy parents and teachers.
People copy authority figures.
People mimic those they admire and respect.
“If there is no one you can trust, admire or respect, who do you copy?”

Video games, cartoons, bad guys you see on TV all become the role models.
Who do you want your kids and all children to use as their example for maturity and adulthood?
The more you see, the more you want to be like those guys, tough guys and rough guys.

So let’s all clean up our act and let go of degrading, immature and ignorant language and behavior!