Saturday, November 16, 2013

Be Safe

Full Moon Sunday at 7:15 AM PDT

I choose to be a safe, trusting and respectful place for others.
I choose to give to others what I really want for myself.
I choose to treat everyone with respect, responsibility and cooperations.
I now forgive all previous unsafe choices.

Be a safe place for those you love.
Be a safe place for those you encounter.
Be a safe place for your self.
Be safe and watch fear disappear.

When we are safe, we feel loved.
When we do no harm, we feel no fear.
When we create safety for others, they feel loved.
When we think safe, feel safe, speak safe and live safe, we teach others how to be safe, too!

How am I unsafe?
When we judge or criticize, we are unsafe.
When we hurt another with words or behavior, we are not safe.
When we intentionally do to others what we would not want done to us, we are not a safe place.

Safety for many is LOVE.
Security for many is LOVE.
Belonging for many is LOVE
Accomplishing for many is LOVE.

When we in any way upset, take away or destroy another’s need for these four, we are being unsafe.
Do you cause yourself or others to feel unsafe?
Do you threaten others’ need to have you in their life?
Do you deny others the opportunity to belong with or talk with you?
Do you stop others from accomplishing, achieving, completing their projects?

Abusive or hurtful thoughts, words, and behavior create an unsafe place for people.
Threatening quitting, leaving, divorcing or simply going away feels unsafe for many people.
Stone-walling, leaving or avoiding is not safe for those who need to communicate.
Breaking, stopping, firing, quitting, interrupting another’s doings feel unsafe to many.

There are many unsafe and unloving activities that we may have learned from childhood.
When we jeopardize the basic needs of any individual, we become an unsafe place.
When we cause lack of safety, security, belonging and accomplishment, we must understand the consequences.
When unsafe, people may attack, become defensive, blame and try to threaten or hurt you.

Consider what you need to feel safe.
Give everyone the safety, security, belonging and achievement you want.
Leave those you encounter the message that you accept them as they are.
Give up on trying to change people to fit your ideal.

Be your ideal self.
Treat yourself with safe choices.
Give yourself loving associations, places, people and accomplishment.
Love yourself and others well and you will be safe.

Always remember to treat others as you want to be treated.
Practicing the Golden Rule works.
Be safe for yourself and others.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue