Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Willing to Work?

Work is fun, safe and easy.
I love to create, accomplish and be helpful.
I succeed at what I do, because I keep working at excellence.
I love being fully responsible for the Successes in my life.

To accomplish anything requires work.
Working is fun, safe and easy.
When you want to accomplish, create, achieve or excel, you must WORK.
Have you forgotten how important it is to work.

Success requires work.
Relationship success requires work.
Financial success requires work.
Whole Life Success requires work.

We were not meant to acquire by getting something for free.
We were meant to exercise and achieve mastery through working.
When parents give kids what they want without working, we are teaching falsely.
When children earn what they receive through working, they learn a valuable life lesson.

Somehow it feels as though we are the species that is rewarded for doing nothing.
To achieve physically, we must work with our bodies to keep them strong and healthy.
To achieve creatively, we must work on creating and practicing and doing over and over.
To achieve intellectually, we must work on studying and learning and developing our minds.
To achieve financially, we must conserve and practice and learn the art of saving and investing.
To achieve in relationships, we must forgive our mistakes and find better ways to communicate.
To be successful, we must work at whatever we desire to create, achieve, master and be excellent.

Let us teach and reward ourselves and others for the good work we have done.
Let us reach our and share with others the appreciation we have for good works given.
Let us honor those who serve and heal, teach and lead, nurture and nourish, provide and protect.
Let us remember we are here to share our gifts and talents and appreciate others as well.

Homework and housework are good for us.
They need to be appreciated and seen as our responsibility.
Earning money for our families needs to be appreciated.
Sharing with others by contributing to the good in the world is a blessing.

When we stop seeing work as bad, difficult or punishment, we will enjoy hard work again.
When we stop saying and showing children that we hate work, we will encourage kids to enjoy work.
When families come together to clean their homes and cars, kids learn to cooperate in working together.
When we earn money to help with community projects or help our neighbors, we teach responsibility.

Having an allowance and budgeting income teaches adults and kids how to manage money successfully.
Spending wisely only on what we need rather than what we want teaches us to respect our earnings.
Learning to save and invest first and then live on the rest teaches conscious choice around work.
Being rewarded for extra work and extra helpfulness teaches all to give more than our fair share.

It is time to enjoy working at preparing a good healthy meal, cleaning our room and our home, taking care of our bodies and minds with quality activities.
It is time to use our lives to work at doing good, giving good and having good times.
We can demonstrate good feelings about working at whatever we want to accomplish.
I have always loved to work, because my mother enjoyed work.
She never made it seem like a chore, but always a privilege.
I love trying new things and doing everything for myself.
I appreciate being totally responsible for my life.

Thanks for enjoying the work you do.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue