Thursday, October 03, 2013

Remain Open, Flexible and Willing

I am open and willing to be all I AM.
I am open and willing to share the Good I have.
I am open and willing to make a difference in my world.
I am open and willing to take impeccable care of the best in me.
I am open and willing to be whole and happy and free.

Willingness is next to godliness.
Willing people are open to change.
Willing people are flexible and resilient.
Willing people simply step aside when confronted.
Willing people need not resist or confront.
Willing people seek a better way.
Willing people would rather be happy than be “right.”
Willing people are more creative in their choices.
Willing people never get stuck or blocked.

I am open and willing. 
I allow myself to go where I am needed.
I serve as I am called.
I offer helpful service as requested.
I trust my inner guidance and intuition.
I seek to serve the Highest Good for all.
I let go easily and quickly of blocks to Love.
I am willing to live the highest universal and spiritual principles I know.

Now it is your turn to write your own affirmations and guiding principles.
What are your truths?
How open and willing are you?
Are you flexible in your responses to those you encounter.
Do you live and give your very best everyday all day?
Are your accountable for your words and actions?
Do you apologize for mistakes and immediately correct them?
Do you consciously choose to express the best you know at all times?
Do you clear your fear and negativity the moment you notice it?
Are you willing to undo the limiting beliefs, faulty perceptions and negative habits?

Loving you in my challenge to take responsibility for the whole of your life,
Betty Lue