Friday, September 06, 2013

Appreciate and Increase

I appreciate you everyday with every word I write and share with you.
I appreciate the live I live and give to all humanity.
I appreciate how gratitude sets me free to fully be.
I appreciate the Goodness that I am, that I have and we are together.

The primary tool to have more is to APPRECIATE!
Appreciation increases what you value.
Appreciation reminds you of how good life is.
Appreciation gives you a positive feeling.

Appreciation fills you with energy to do more..
Appreciation brings joy to those you share with.
Appreciation creates a sense of well-being.
Appreciation enriches you with energy to contribute.

Enjoy what you have and the joy will grow.
Be thankful for what you have created.
Be grateful for the Good in your life.
Express appreciation to those who contribute to your life.

Saying thanks to others encourages them to give more.
Saying thanks to the Source of inspiration fills you with trust.
Saying thanks to yourself strengthens your commitment to be grateful.
Saying thanks to One and All reminds you that gratitude works.

When we appreciate our home, we take better care.
When we appreciate our friends, we honor them.
When we appreciate our job, we work harder.
When we appreciate ourselves, we treat ourselves with respect.

What we appreciate, we see with loving eyes.
What we appreciate, we become.
What we appreciate, infuses us with life energy.
What we appreciate, inspires us to be more and do more Good.

How we appreciate increases the habit of gratitude.
How we appreciate determines our consistent thankfulness.
How we appreciate reminds us to be grateful everyday.
How we appreciate creates health, wealth and fulfillment.

When I share with you this tool, you have an opportunity to practice, aloud or silently.
When you practice, experiment with being critical for an hour and observe yourself.
When you practice, explore saying thank you for everything that you see and hear for an hour.
Notice the difference in energy, feelings, thoughts, experiences, and responses from others.

You will be amazed at how powerful appreciation, gratitude, praise and thankfulness are!
There are no limits, when you use gratitude.
There is no lack, when you are truly grateful.
There is no littleness, when you are full appreciative of everyone and everything all the time.

I appreciate our connection and communication.
I appreciate the Infinite Opportunities to Love, serve and give.
I appreciate Good life is when we do the work.
Loving and appreciating YOU,
Betty Lue