Friday, August 09, 2013

What Is Your Real Job?

Our job is not to change or fix others.
Our real job is accept others as they are.
Our real job is to trust and believe everyone has a learning path.
Our real job is to allow others to find their own way and offer help when asked.

Our job is not to do harm or be harmed.
Our real job is not to allow anything or anyone to hurt us.
Our real job is to take nothing personally.
Our real job is to forgive ourselves for creating more guilt and blame.

Our job is not to withhold love.
Our real job is to forgive ourselves for withholding love from ourselves.
Our real job is to stop punishing and protecting ourselves by limiting our love.
Our real job is to give love where it is needed and to receive the love given.

Our job is not to be fearful.
Our real job is to open the flow to love.
Our real job is no longer allow ourselves to be limited.
Our real job is to have courage and faith in our choices.

Our job is not to play small.
Our real job is to discover our gifts.
Our real job is to respond to all opportunities to give.
Our real job is to share our best with everyone.

Our job is not to play needy.
Our real job is to stop all complaining.
Our real job is to express our gratitude.
Our real job is to let go of all blocks to receiving the Good we have.

Our job is not to believe we are alone and on our own.
Our real job is to recognize we are in this together.
Our real job is to understand we all have wounds to heal.
Our real job is to connect with compassion to everyone, including ourselves.

Our job is not to be selfish and self-absorbed.
Our real job is to recognize others have their own challenges.
Our real job is to know we can help others by healing ourselves.
Our real job is to see the teaching-learning qualities in every relationship.

Our job is not to make money or acquire things.
Our real job is to take care of our needs for ourselves and our loved ones.
Our real job is to be happy and healthy and fulfilled in our lives.
Our real job is to freely share the best we have from overflowing abundant peace and joy and Love.

When you do your “real job”, you will be happy and fulfilled everyday!
Life is our real job when we remember to Love unconditionally and serve from the heart.
Remember the Good in all things,
Betty Lue

What Does It Take To Be Healthy?

Healthy Living is: giving yourself what is best for you. 
Healthy Giving is sharing what is best for others. 
Healthy Minds offer thoughts which strengthen and empower. 
Healthy Emotions motivate and enthuse what is energizing. 
Healthy Bodies mobilize us to live our higher purpose.
Healthy Relationships support and encourage the best in each other
Healthy Work offers productive activities to provide what we need.
Healthy Play is creative fun, safe and adventuresome.
Healthy Finances supports us in living and giving our best.

Live in the ways that fully support being your best.
What is best for me is best for others.

Give blessings of inspiration and gratitude.
I joyfully give what blesses everyone living true to themselves.

Think healing, helpful and healthy thoughts.
I forgive and erase all that is not wholly loving and true.

Clear guilt and fear with forgiveness and love now.
I forgive getting stuck with limiting emotions.

Treat everyone with kindness and respect. 
I forgive myself for giving less that my best. 

Engage in meaningful and productive work that provides well-being.
I forgive myself for doing anything harmful or negative to others.

Enjoy a life of joy, creativity and freedom.
I release anything that is depressing, demeaning or detrimental. 

Use your time, money and energy for the Highest Good.
I cease all unhealthy habits of wasting my resources.

Tips for Whole Life Health
1.         Nutrition—Ingest the best and forget the rest. Feed your body, mind and spirit only that which supports, sustains and inspires the best in you.
2.         Movement—Enjoy moving with the natural flow of life.  Life is flow.  To move with the flow is healthy.  To resist is stressful.  Move with the natural inner movement physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.
3.         Breath To breathe in (inhale) fully life energy, Spirit, Prana, inspiration, is to expand our awareness to open to an enlightened mind.  To exhale fully is to truly release what is no longer needed. 
4.         Touch Reaching out with Love and respect for each other opens our bodies and beings to trust in the gentleness we all deserve to experience.
5.         Thought Choose for those thoughts which heal and free you to be unlimited in health and wholeness. 
6.         Forgiveness—Erase beliefs that are limiting or false.
7.         Attitude Carry with you an attitude of gratitude and love for yourself and others.  Allow yourself to see all things work together for good. Express gratitude and enjoy life.
8.         Balance Moderation in all things will bring your life into harmony.  As we give ourselves what is really best for us, the extremes are gently released.
9.         Perception—What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.
10.       Purity To clear out toxins and purify the system requires a willingness to eliminate toxic thoughts, activities, relationships as well as foods from your system.  Flushing the system clean is aided with water, fresh air, gentle movement and forgiveness.
11.       Rest—Relax your mind and body to be refreshed and revitalized. Each person has unique methods of relaxation — meditation, music, being in nature, focused simple activity.
12.       Contribution—Give everyone what you want to have.