Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Life Hurts or Scares You……..

No one and nothing can harm me.  
Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. ;)
I no longer need others approval or protection.  I now take care of my whole self.
Whatever is best for me is best for others.
I take impeccable care of myself.

How do you soothe yourself?
How do you find your center?
How do you come to peace?
How do you return to love?

When life gives you lemons, do you know how to make lemonade?
When you feel lost and confused, do you know how to find direction?
When you feel no one understands, do you suffer in silence or listen inside?
When you feel scared and hurt, do you know how to soothe yourself?

Life has ups and downs, twists and turns, that require navigation.
When you know how to handle the stormy weather, you are at peace.
When you are not prepared for difficulties, you may feel hurt and scared.
It is appropriate to learn the most effective ways for you to hold your course.

When we are on purpose, living in integrity with our highest truths, we are centered and calm.
When we are off purpose, not being honest with ourselves, we are easily bumped, hurt and frightened.
It is essential that we learn to stop our mistaken and ineffective reactionsto find a better way.
Each one must seek their own self soothing, centering and calming processes.

Resisting what is may cause pain.
Being a victim may cause fear.
Giving up and giving in may feel weak.
Fighting and pretending may create conflict and confusion.

What do you do to take impeccable care of you?
First find your inner peace.
Stop and breathe deep into your belly.
Meditate or do yoga or other calming activities.
Take a nap or a walk.
Distract yourself with reading or movie.
Extend positive energy to someone or something.
Listen to soothing music or write a thank you note.
Write out all your fears and feelings and then burn it.
Use affirmation and denial to clear your limiting beliefs.
Speak calming and loving words out loud to yourself.
Get you favorite blanket or PJ’s and  curl up in your favorite place.
Get out in nature and let the wind and sun and trees and birds love you.
Hold a  baby or watch children playing in a park. 
Sit by the ocean or up on a hill and look our at the wonder.
Pray or talk to the Infinite Source of all Good.’
Do what you would suggest to someone you love.
Rock in a rocking chair and sing to yourself.
And find what is best for you.

You deserve the best of Love.
You deserve inner peace.
You deserve to know you are not alone.
You deserve to remember you are always Loved.

Loving you now and always, Betty Lue

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