Sunday, April 14, 2013

Miracles Come From Love

My life is a miracle.  And so is yours.
When we remember Love, we know the miracles.
When we feel grateful, we see the miracles.
When we extend our peace, we create miracles.

Life can be whatever we choose… a Mess or a Miracle?
We are the choosers.
When we let life to be whatever it happens to be, we relinquish our creative power.
When we touch and teach life with our Love and appreciation, we create Miracles.

The mess occurs when we judge.
The mess happens when we are confused and conflicted.
The mess is experienced when we don’t clean up after ourselves.
The mess is the result of negative, upsetting and hurtful thinking.

We can choose mess or miracles.
We can choose curse or blessing.
We can be destructive or creative.
We can hurt or heal.

Life is far more simple than it seems to be.
Forgiving our judgments sets us free.
Releasing the past opens the door.
Living in the present gives us more to enjoy and explore.

When we remember to Love, we recognize the Love We Are.
When we remember to Love, we awaken the Love in others.
When we remember to Love, we transcend all fear.
When we remember to Love, the way home is right here.

I choose to remember.
I choose to renew my own mind.
I choose to remind myself everyday in everyway.
I choose to renew my relationships with Love.

Love for the sake of loving.
Love for the Goodness of Love.
Love for the benefit of blessing.
Love for the realization of miracles of Love.

This whole gig is not so complex as it seems.
Our lives are for the realization of our dreams.
We can have everything we really want to be and do.
When we have Love for one and all, our Love comes true.

The key is to forgive, erase and delete.
The key is to give up pretending to hate.
The choice is to give lasting forgiveness and Love.
Our choice is to be the simple single voice for blessing one and all.

Loving you and you and you and you,
Don’t you forget it.
I won’t!
True B’Lue

Let us love ourselves well with total forgiveness. So we can love others perfectly, too.