Monday, February 11, 2013

How Do You Live?

What do you believe? 
How do you see your world?
What do you pay attention to?
What inspires you and what worries you?

We cannot know what another is doing with their senses.
We do not see what is archived or remembered in the mind.
We cannot be sure anything will last, because we can undo everything.
We cannot count on anything being for certain, because all things change.

When we are attached to having a certain kind of idyllic relationship, we may hurt when it changes. 
When we believe we just got our life all sorted out, things usually change.
When we get predictable in our behavior, you may notice that something shifts.
When we get stuck on the outside, we begin to notice the inside stuff changing.

Life is meant to be a kaleidoscope of ever-changing color, texture, temperature and feelings.
When we try to make our lives static, ritualized or routine, we may feel boredom or emptiness.
When we endeavor to see more love or money or power or peace or happiness, we feel obsessed.
Life is an opportunity to observe, explore, learn and enjoy.

The mind may attempt to analyze, systematize, figure things our, control and test our beliefs.
The emotions may flatten out or erupt with what the mind thinks and the pictures we hold.
The heart may find a way to feel loved and understood or unknown and unloved.
We are a transformative product of an ever evolving creative force known by many names.

When I live with appreciation, I feel joyfully safe.
When I live with criticism and complaining, I feel sadly and anxious.
When I live with forgiveness and undo the limiting emotional and mental patterns, I feel open and alive.
When I live with judgment and fear, I feel defensive and conflicted.

How do you live?
Lifestyle, thoughts, feelings, words and behavior are all my choice, when I accept full responsibility.
When I give my choices to be made by someone or something else, I may feel vulnerable and uncertain.
When I make my choices mine to be my opportunity to learn, I may feel curious about the outcome.
When I recognize how unlimited I really am, I begin to feel empowered, excited and appreciative.

If life is a “universe-ity”, let’s choose our own curriculum, take our own exams and learn fully.
If your life is grade school, choose your best teachers, learn with open=mindedness and appreciation.
If your life is grad school, begin to design your own best learning resources, colleagues and explore.
If your life is a nursery or preschool, stay protected and supported and have lots of rules and fun.

I believe we are perfectly taking the curriculum of our own choosing.
Some are learning how and what to eat to be healthy and play well with others.
Some are learning how to get in trouble, get out of trouble and get positive and negative attention.
Some are learning how to clear the inner sanctum of our minds and attune with the all knowing.

Choose wisely and well.
Enjoy the choices you have made.
When life is not working, stop, complete where you are with your blessings and bratitude.
Choose again for what you are not ready to learn and the ways you are called to live.

Life is your school.
As long as you are here, you have to attend.
Some teachers are wise and helpful.
Some teachers are ignorant and need help.

It is all good when you are open-minded and appreciate the opportunities to learn.
Loving the learning from everyone.
Betty Lue