Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spiritual or Practical?

If You are Willing to Do the Work, see my offerings below
 No cost except your willingness!

Are these reminders practical?
Does it work to be inspired from within?
Does it help to receive reminders of the Love and Good in you?
Your whole life will change when you seek  and speak only Goodness and Love.

Would you be willing to simply love and respect the ones you are with each day?
Often people dump their worst on those they live with, family, partners and sometimes friends.
People seem to believe that being unkind, disrespectful and even cruel with their loved ones is OK.
People forget or don’t realize they will regret every unkind thought, word or deed.

Start by stopping your “potty” mouth, negative talk and behavior.
Choose words that are positive and appreciative.
It will allow you see your own negativity when you hold it back.
Learn to forgive the unkindness within you and flush the ugly stuff, before it is expressed.

Be conscious of what you are going to say, before you say it.
Remember that what you speak will come back to you.
When anyone feels attacked by you, you will fear their counter-attack.
When you realize you have hurt anyone or done harm, you will attract or do harm to yourself. 

When we forgive, erase and clear all the negative thoughts and feelings, we end pain and suffering.
When we choose actively to let go and allow only Good in our minds, we can open to the Good in Life.
When we consistently stop hurting ourselves and others with negative thoughts and words, we feel Peace.
When we are at peace with our behavior, we love ourselves and no longer allow anything to hurt us.

Have you noticed that others are happier around you when you are happy?
Have you observed that when you are respectful of yourself, others seem to be more respectful of you?
Have you been aware that when you take impeccable care of you, you treat others with more Love?
Have you realized that your attitude of gratitude is teaching those you encounter to appreciate more?

You are the center of your world.
When you are at home and at peace, your life is an example of Love in your world.
When you are experiencing the Goodness in you, you are creating Goodness in your relationships.
When you feel loving and good about yourself, you become more open and receptive to all Good.

These reminders are practical, because they work when we practice.
These reminders are spiritual, because they inspire us to remember.
These reminders are loving, because they tell us our purpose is to Love.
These reminders are healing, because they make us aware of our need for Healing.

When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When we are awake, we awaken others.
When we are at peace, we extend peace to all.
When we are in Love, we are Abundantly happy.

In Love with You, Betty LUe

2013 It’s Your Time to Truly Be!
Are you willing?
Are you open?
Are you ready?
To let go of fear and really be clear?

This requires your willingness.
Are you willing to undo what no longer is true for you?
Are you willing to be all you are see and to speak and to be?
Are you willing to do the work to let go of the past and forgive?

I invite you to join me in a most delightful journey full of freedom and trust.
Once again I am recommitting to offer everything good and true I know.
I sincerely want us all to know wholeness, happiness and peace.
Will you consider seeking, finding and living the way that works for you?

Only for those who are called: ( Choose what works for you!)

1) Using the Daily Loving Reminders as a call to your authenticity and self realization.

2) Participating in Creating the Life You Want in Hidden Valley Lake, Pleasant Hill.(Good Living Class) or online****

3) A Course in Miracles via email connection or in person for an early morning group.

4) Or through your own commitment to do the inner work to free your Self to be.

I stand by you.
I walk with you.
I share your commitment.
I commit to continue.
Betty Lue

Let me know your choice and willingness.
We can join in person, via email or skype, classes on CD or online recordings.
I am here with you and for you, because we are in this together.