Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Light, Light and More Light

You are invited:
Light Meditation at our Lake House in Hidden Valley Lake, on Wednesday eve 12/12/12 at 6:30PM 
Light Meditation at our home again on Friday evening, 12/21/12 6PM.
Email or Call for info and directions, please.

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, reminds us when we have faith, miracles happen.
Winter Solstice=Reminds us in the time of greatest dark, more Light is coming.
Christmas= Reminds us to love, trust and celebrate the Light within.
Kwanzaa= Reminds us to gather in reverence and celebration of the harvest of Good.

Now we have the end of the Mayan Calendar and prophesies abound regarding its meaning.
Dec 12 and 21st.  all these times are excuses, make up to enlighten us!

What are you doing during this time?
With more light comes greater awareness of the dark.
With more light we see what is incomplete and unforgiven.
With more light we see the unfinished business of the past.
With more light we notice unhealed stuff and the past woundedness.

Are you staying busy?
Are you stressed by the need to conform?
Are you choosing out or in of the commercial madness?
Are you living your truth or meeting others expectations?

When we live in the light, we are joyful.
When we live in delight, we are full of wonder.
When we express only light, we bring hope and good will.
When we experience the light, we live with gratitude and grace.

I choose to live my life led by the light.
I prefer to think, speak and act with happiness as my guiding star.
I offer the highest truths I know to remind myself when the world seems to forget.
I encourage, facilitate, inspire and remind so that all will have the clear choice for light and more light.

However you choose to think, speak and live, you will be more aware when you increase the light.
When you stay in the dark, you cannot see.
When you stay stuck in fear, criticism, complaint, you cannot hear.
When you stay lost in your inner sanctum of avoidance, denial and separation, you cannot receive.

There is light within you now.
There is light around you now.
There is joy available to you now.
There is the life you want waiting for you now.

Take time to release all blocks to the awareness of the presence of Goodness and Love
Take time to create a sacred space for your to feel safe to receive;.
Use this time to clarify what you really want to be and do and have.
Be willing to let go gently and respectfully all that is not good for you.

Now is the time to release and let go.
Loving us in our willingness to live in the Light, extending the Joy in our lives to others.
The blessings already are,
Betty Lue

30 Days to Enlightenment  and Waking Up
30 Days to Healing and Seeing things Differently!
This exercise has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform your life
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:
Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind. 
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within. 
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.
Make the sound “AAAH” for 1-2 minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.
Now write and say 30 Choices. 
I choose to be happy. 
I choose to be free.  
I choose to do what I love. 
I choose to forgive….
In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the  sound “OM”  the Universal sound for Love and God for 1-2 minutes.

PS Even a few of each is better than none.  
Do what you can and trust it is working.

Loving You always, 
Betty Lue