Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Have Chosen

Is it possible that you have chosen the life you have?
Is it possible that you have chosen the family you have?
Is it possible that you have chosen the relationships you have?
Is it possible that you have chosen your education, job and current situation?

If you imagine without guilt or shame that you have chosen exactly what you have now, what then?
If you explore the possibility that this life experience is your gift to yourself, what have you learned?
If you desire to get the most from this lifetime, are you willing to take full responsibility to heal and learn?
If you notice what is around you and your feeling about it, what is missing or needs healing or correction?

This morning I was noticing once again “What a Good Life I Have”.
I was feeling grateful and at peace with the Goodness around me and within.
I was acknowledging how good it feels to be alive right where I am.
With no complaints and no regrets and no wishes ungranted, I am happy.

Is it possible for you to feel that way too?
I ask you to consider and then reconsider your own creative power.
I ask you to listen for the words unspoken but held in your mind.
I ask you to notice the ways you interfere and block your own happiness.

Is it possible that you are accustomed to drama and prefer drama?
Is it possible that you learned life is hard and therefore choose hardship?
Is it possible that you fear and think about tragedy and loss and somehow get stuck?
Is it possible that you focus on fixing what is wrong  and seek out those you can fix?
Is it possible that you believe life is lack and limitation and choose where it is likely?

Is it possible you enjoy beauty and order, harmony and peace, and create it all for yourself?
Is it possible you prefer simplicity and ease, enjoyment and freedom and so choose it in your life?
Is it possible you love to learn and explore, travel and are curious, and seek interesting people and places?
Is it possible you seek to help and serve, to teach and counsel and therefore live and give it everyday?
Is it possible that you believe living like your family of origin is your desire, and make it happen for you?
Is it possible that you envisioned the life you have and appreciate your creation with enjoyment?

Yes, I have experienced many people and situations which I do not remember choosing.
Yes, I have known difficult, dangerous and dramatic moments.
Yes, I have been fearful, frustrated and fanatic about stuff that seemed to happen to me.
Yes, I have wondered how could I have chosen all these experiences.

Consider there are words we use and thoughts we think and pictures we hold in mind that create.
Consider there are expected life experiences that we recreate so we can reveal and heal the wounds.
Consider we are re-experiencing what seemed to be, so we can see and choose it differently.
Consider we are awakening the Truth of our power and our Peace, through forgiveness here now.
Consider what is true for one may not be true for anyone else, so we need to listen within for guidance.
Consider when we are ignorant and ignoring our responsibilities, we need wakeup calls.
Consider life gives us what we s ask for and when we do not ask, we we get what is available.

When at sea without a paddle, rudder or a north star to guide our course, we will be tossed about randomly.
When we know where we are going, with a sail to catch the wind and a rudder to guide our course, we can consistently paddle in the direction of our destination.
When we forgive the storms and learn from any adversity and are patient, we will always arrive home 

Life is about choosing again and yet again, making course corrections as we go.
Life is about learning what we really want and letting go of everything that interferes.
Life is about trusting in our awareness and inner wisdom and never quitting on ourselves.
Life is about remembering we are unlimited with creative energy and wisdom, abundant resources  and magnificent in our Beingness.

Life is Good and getting better as we fully appreciate what we have created and let go of miscreations with our blessings.
Loving us all, 
Betty Lue