Monday, September 17, 2012

Love Your Home?

(Below are some positive principles of how your home enhances or depletes your life.)

Is your home a place to rest?
Is your home a sanctuary?
Is your home in order?
Is your home a happy loving place for you?

Home is where the heart is.
A Man’s home is his castle.
Home is where we rejuvenate to go out into the world again.
Home is a safe place for all the family to gather.

Is your home is your favorite place to be?
Is your home filled with peace and harmony?
Is your home a place of respect and love?
Is your home a symbol of all you live and work for?

If not, it is time to make changes.
For some creating a place of safety and beauty and kindness turns their lives around. 
For others, simply setting house rules for everyone builds harmonious and respectful relationships.
And for you, creating a safe peaceful and orderly space all your own may create more prosperity.

What does it take to change things?
What does it cost to rearrange things?
How hard can it be to undo things?
The results far outweigh the work!

Does everyone in your home have a private place to be and put their things?
Do you all feel safe in your home where you will not be hurt or attacked emotionally or physically?
Do you know where your things are and feel they will be respected by everyone?
Are you sure you can rest or have quiet and privacy when you need it?

Do you participate in maintaining and improving the quality of your home?
Do you feel chaos or peace when you walk in the door?
Do you bring good energy with you when you come home?
Are you willing to leave any negative energy outside the home?

How do you like to be greeted when you come home?
What do you want to see when you arrive?
Is you bedroom a sanctuary, a place of quiet and rest?
Do you eat in a place that creates good choices, good digestion and full appreciation?

Are you willing to be the one to make positive changes?
Are you open to offering help to others to keep the family living area in order?
Do you provide positive energy with appreciation and happy attitude?
Are you helpful, respectful and cooperative with others in the family?

Everyone in the home contributes to its energy, cleanliness, harmony and peace.
Each person copies, learns, mirrors others’ energy.
It only takes one to begin the positive changes.
You can be the difference you want to see.

Blessing you with loving reminders, 
Betty Lue
(I am also a Feng Shui teacher and consultant when needed.)

When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person.
When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home, there is honor in the nation.
When there is honor in the nation, there is peace in the world.
Chinese Proverb

Basic Principles of Feng Shui 

Everything is alive with vital energy, or Chi
All of the people, places and things that make up our world are have life energy. The things that surround you are alive with the associations, thoughts, memories and judgments (positive or negative) which you hold about them.  This energy can either enhance your personal Chi or drain it. Since everything is talking to you all the time, make sure they have nice things to say.

Your home (or environment) is a direct extension of you.
Where you live and who and what you surround yourself with is a reflection of your thoughts, your values, your choices and your being. The energy of your home or workplace (and each room within it) has immediate and continuing effects on your sense of well-being, your self-esteem and your health. It is impossible to disconnect your energy from the energy of your environment so it is valuable to use these connections in positive and supportive ways.
The Chi in everything is always changing.
The one constant in our world is change. It is important to harmonize the ongoing changes inside yourself with supportive changes in your environment. With consciousness and choice, you can also use changes in your external environment to initiate and support desired changes in yourself.

Practical Feng Shui 

Live with what you love.
If you love something and it nourishes you (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually), keep it. If you don’t really love something or have an important use for it, let it go. Guilt, duty, habit or obligation are no reason to hold on to something you don’t really want. Set your energy free from maintaining or focusing on things which are not life enhancing.

Let go of environmental constipation.
Look around you and see what your home is telling you about yourself. Most homes need to be decluttered. Each of us has our own ideal level of “environmental stimulation”. Beyond that, we need to move things through our environment and out the door on a regular basis, just like in our bodies. This creates an enormous freedom of energy which has been wasted on distraction and lack of natural and easy organization.

Express your creativity.
Create an environment in which you are supported in expressing yourself. Creativity of any kind expands and strengthens your vital Chi. Make sure you have at least one room or space in your environment which fosters your full, free, fun and spontaneous expression–which stimulates and inspires you to expand and grow yourself. 

Beginner’s Checklist
To enhance the health, harmony, happiness, success and prosperity in your lives, practice the basic creative solutions suggested below to benefit you and your family, your home and your business.

1.  Clear the clutter
Remove everything you no longer need. Clear closets, drawers, corners, under beds, in basements and attics and storage areas including cars, garages and file cabinets.  This is an affirmation of a new healthy and creative beginning for you.  It will energize you and create  more of everything you really want! Everything you own, owns a piece of your energy.

2.  Increase the light
Create more light, both natural and through indirect lighting.  Change light bulbs, increase wattage, open curtains and blinds, add more lighting with spotlights and halogens and under counter fluorescents.  With more light you are more awake and enlightened in your relationships and your choices!

3.  Create loving reminders
What you see and hear reminds you of how to feel, what to think and do.  So eliminate negative, dark, depressing, work or pain-oriented  paintings, posters, or photos.  Make sure you have welcoming and relaxing reminders in the entry, positive relationship reminders in your bedroom, congenial reminders in family or living room, appetizing reminders in your kitchen and dining room.  What you love will love and inspire you!